REAL BUSINESS ENGLISH: Energy, Environment, and Technology




Learn English and study real information about real companies. You probably studied English for hundreds or thousands of hours… now you can talk, read and write.. but you still need to keep improving.. and you probably want something interesting to look at!!!

If you believe THE BEST WAY to LEARN English…. is to USE English to Learn, this course is for you!

The Problem

Most English courses try to teach words and grammar but no real life information… That’s boring!!!

It’s hard to pay attention and easy to forget what you learned.

Our Solution

Learn about real life business information! Look at real numbers and graphs! Each lesson is about real companies, technologies, industries and people that could change our future. After this course you will:

  • have real knowledge about the Food, Energy, and Transportation industries
  • Learn over 300 advanced words, slang, and idioms useful for business
  • Improve your reading, writing, listening and vocabulary skills
  • Master making specific examples and comparisons in your writing
  • Improve your ability to describe numbers, graphs, and data

The information about these companies is all connected. So we use the same language again and again in different lessons.

By the end of the course, you will be able to review and remember everything you learned without feeling bored!!!


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