Creative Problem Solving: Maximising Design Thinking




Thanks for your interest in the Creative Problem Solving on-demand course!

So many of us are facing challenges we haven’t encountered or thought about before in these times of a Global Pandemic. It doesn’t matter if these problems are big, or small, whether it’s:

  • How can I remain motivated working from home wither other pressures of children and partners?
  • How can I keep furloughed team members engaged?
  • How can I manage my daily routine so that I am productive?
  • What can I do to support my community? And many more

We really want you to be as passionate as us about the behaviours and tools of problem solving so that you can embed it in to your day to day work, and enjoy the benefits of better creativity, and innovation agility to work smarter with a better output.

This course is not about giving you the answers; it’s about equipping you with a process, practical tools, mindset and understanding to face your challenges and solve them in a creative way.

As you click through this course, you will find some content is downloadable, usually as a PDF. . Some content is embedded, like youtube videos, and training videos and sometimes there will be quizzes and assessments to help you to reinforce your learning.

You have access to the tools from the course, some stimulus videos and some recommended further reading. But great news! The schedule is:

Course Overview


Creative Problem solving overview

Design Thinking

Discovering insights and define

Training video

Downloadable tools

Tools in action video


Coming up with great ideas

Training video

Downloadable tools

Tools in action video


Prototyping and testingTraining videoDownloadable toolsTools in action video QuizNext steps


Recommended reading

Taking your creativity to new heights
with The Innovators Profile

Idea videos

Enjoy the stimulus, use the tools, practise, drill and rehearse them until they become part of you!


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