CheckPoint CCSA R80.10 [2020]




The following course includes lectures on how CheckPoint features work and the walk-through of the configuration in the lab/production environment.

Introduction to CheckPoint Technology

  • Building the Lab
  • Installing OS / Configuration
  • Overview of the products
  • Checkpoint Stateful inspection firewall
  • Licensing

CheckPoint Eco System

  • SIC
  • !Restarting SIC without CPstop/CPstart – Extra!
  • Backups
  • NAT
  • Policy configuration (Access Control) Firewall
  • Policy configuration (Access Control) APP control/URL filtering
  • UserCheck
  • Policy configuration (Threat Prevention)
  • Hacking and Protecting by IPS
  • Enforced Suspicious Activity Rules
  • Logging and Reports

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • IPSec (Overview)
  • SSL (Overview)
  • Deploy VPN IPSEC [LAB]


  • High Availability / Load Sharing
  • Deploy ClusterXL [LAB]
  • CCP Overview

HTTPS Inspection

  • HTTPs inspection
  • HTTPs inspection LAB

CCSE Pre-course (Advanced)  [This section will be updated incrementally]

  • Threat Emulation licensing and deployment in the cloud
  • Transparent Upgrade to R80.30 in a cluster

Bonus: Lab guides included


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