Promote Your Business With Your Influencing Videos



This course will Help you to create Amazing business promotion videos. the videos which are as good as advertisement with low budget will give you an special advantage over your competition.

In this course you will learn How to plan your video titles, how to select and identify your audience, how to convert your viewers in to your paying customers and step by step guidance to make them your loyal customer with help of business promotion videos

What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Plan And shoot your Own Videos.
  • 2. How to Create Innovative and effective Videos
  • 3. Creating Educational , E-Learning Content Videos effortlessly.
  • 4. How to create Exciting Travel Memories through videos.
  • 5. Your Company Profile videos.
  • 6. Your Own Lifestyle Vloging Videos.
  • 7. Explanatory Videos related to topics you are most passionate about.
  • 8. Comedy, Entertainment related videos.
  • 9. Creative Events Coverage Videos.
  • 10. Focus on the topic you are most passionate about you can build an engaged audience and community around your Content.
  • 11. Build a Video channel Content by your own design and ideas
  • 12. Fix basic but crucial creator pain points such as audio, lighting, video editing.
  • 13. Take practical and doable steps every day for 30 days strategy.
  • 14. How to beat your competitors for views, comments, and likes
  • 15. Get the most value out of Video Data Analytics

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Section 1: Course Content : Promote Your Business With Your Influencing Videos

1. Introduction Of Business Promotion videos Creation course and Pre workshop Tasks5:08
2. Brand Communication with your audience through Business Promotion videos6:29
3. Know Your Audience For Effective Business Promotion Videos3:59
4. How To Find Passion About Business Promotion Videos6:47
5. Essential Technical Techniques For your Effective Videos8:06
6. Essential Equipments For EFFECTIVE Video Creation6:06
7. Take Away : How to Create Amazing Videos1:51

Section 2: Summery of Learning From this Course (Long Video Lecture)

Section 3: Bonus Lecture

About the instructors

Ferdy Korpershoek

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Course Details

  • Level: Beginner
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  • Ability to use Mobile SmartPhone
  • Strong Desire to learn and implement new techniques
  • Action Taking Attitude
  • Ability to Use Laptop

Target Audience

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • BNI Members
  • Network Marketing Professionals
  • Startup Businessman
  • Part Time Business Opportunity Seeker