Revit Structure Course with Practical Implementation



In this course, Matindra will teach you how to create a full structural model using all Structural Revit Tools. You will learn how to annotate, tag, detail, view setting, along with sheet creation and shop drawing creation. Other advanced topics has been discussed in the course like creating several types of schedules, how to import CAD files, and link Revit files, and Structural family creation. The course will show you how to deal with Trusses, Bracing, Steel connections, along with concrete reinforcement. Also you will see how to work together in Revit by central file & workset creation. Finally you will get the knowledge and practical implementations with demo project sample which will help to work on any BIM organisation for project delivery.

This video tutorial will also cover, how to work with detail component, Export, coordination tools, Revit family creation and new way to manage your projects. Matindra will also teach you how to create floor systems and shaft openings, add detailing, and best practice procedure.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have developed the knowledge necessary to use the tools and techniques in Revit Structure to create your own models.

With this course you will learn how to take advantage of these tools so that the process of designing structures for buildings is faster, more efficient and of higher quality.

In BIM industry, Revit software is the world leader platform which allows the professionals not only to generate plans but to coordinate the entire building model including design features. Revit is designed to include the design validation steps and proper visualisation of any building projects that enable to solve the issues of any construction planning, project management and estimation properly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Revit Structure software Knowledge
  • Direct implementation in Structural BIM projects
  • Grow your BIM career from basic to advance level in Revit Structure

Topics for this course

66 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction

1. What is BIM & Revit Structure3:10
2. Trainer Introduction0:52

Section 2: 1. Revit Interface & Overview

Section 3: 2. Revit Tools & Settings

Section 4: 3. Structural Model Creation

Section 5: 4. Structural Reinforcement

Section 6: 5. Steel Structure & Connection Details

Section 7: 6. Working with Tools & Settings

Section 8: 7. Schedule & List Creation

Section 9: 8. Working with View Settings

Section 10: 9. Revit Family & Detail Component Creation

Section 11: 10. Annotation Tools for Shop Drawings

Section 12: 11. Advance Tools & It’s Functions

Section 13: 12. Practical Implementation

About the instructors

Chetan K

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Course Details

  • Level: Beginner
  • Categories: DesignDevelopment
  • Total Lessons: 66
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  • Basic Knowledge of Civil Engineering
  • Must have Computer to install this Software

Target Audience

  • Civil Engineering Background
  • Contractors
  • Beginner at Structural BIM industry
  • Learner of Revit software
  • Structural Engineers or Designers
  • Job Seekers in BIM industry