Docker Course for Beginners



Containerization of the applications is going on in the full swing across the IT industry. This course covers the fundamental concepts of Docker containers. Along with the concepts it also covers the most useful commands related to container management, image management, and Dockerfile. After studying this course one would be ready to dive deeper into the world of container orchestration.

This course becomes the necessary prerequisite for learning Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

What Will I Learn?

  • Container concepts
  • Docker container management
  • Docker image management
  • Basics of Dockerfile

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Section 1: Docker Introduction

1. Introduction to Docker Container9:57
2. Launching a Linux machine for Docker Lab2:47
3. Docker Installation2:30
4. Docker Components5:29
5. Docker Basic Terminology8:33

Section 2: Playing with Docker Containers

Section 3: Managing Docker Images

About the instructors

David Bombal

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Course Details


  • Working knowledge of Unix/Linux

Target Audience

  • Freshers who are new to Docker