Build a Successful Ecommerce WordPress site with proper SEO



This ecommerce wordpress Course covers everything for selling Physical or Virtual Products Online using woocommerce wordpress, learn how to manage Shipping and Tax methods in this Comprehensive ecommerce wordpress Course, how to receive Payments from Customers how to work with Orders after the Site is live is explained in this Course of creating an ecommerce wordpress site,

Without Proper SEO “Search Engine Optimization” the value of a site is nothing the students will learn how to do SEO for an ecommerce wordpress site and how to use the best keyword for Products to get organic traffic on their ecommerce wordpress Site from search engines like Google,

The students will learn how to create a fully functional, highly responsive, and professional ecommerce Website using WordPress Platform that has been used by well-known e-commerce companies like Amazon.

Some of the Important Sections and Lectures of this ecommerce wordpress Course

  • Installing and Configuring the woocommerce wordpress Plugin.
  • Adding Simple, Variable, Downloadable, Affiliate and Group Products in woocommerce wordpress.
  • Setting Up the Tax methods, Shipping methods, Emails, and Checkout options in woocommerce worpress.
  • Adding an Online Chat system, Social Media options, and much more beautiful Designs in woocommerce wordpress.
  • Doing Proper SEO for an ecommerce wordpress Site.
  • Customizing the Ecommerce wordpress Site without the worries of losing changes.
  • Creating a Child theme and working with a child theme.
  • Changing different default texts like add to cart button text and more buttons and default texts in an ecommerce wordpress site.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to build a Professional E-commerce website in a hour or two.
  • You will get organic traffic on your site from search engines after learning ecommerce SEO in this course.
  • You will be able to Customize your ecommerce site according to your choice.
  • You will learn how to sell your products online, receiving payments, managing Shipping, Tax, and Coupons.
  • You will learn how to work on wordpress platform and taking domain name and hosting and much more

Topics for this course

77 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction

1. Important Note1:18
2. How to take Domain name and Web Hosting5:00
4. Get familiar with WordPress dashboard6:14
5. Installing and activating a beautiful theme for the ecommerce site2:25
6. Installing and activating the Woocommerce plugin3:49
7. How to work with widgets in the wordpress dashboard3:34

Section 2: Adding different types of Products in to the Site

Section 3: Woocommerce Settings

Section 4: Designing the Site to Beautify it

Section 5: Search Engine Optimization SEO

Section 6: Customizing the Ecommerce site

About the instructors

Jerad Hill

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Course Details

  • Level: Beginner
  • Categories: Development
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  • An internet connection.
  • A computer/laptop
  • General computer knowlege.
  • No coding and wordpress experience required

Target Audience

  • Anyone who want to sell products or services online.