All you need to know about Weka in just 30 mins



In 30 minutes I will show how to use Weka. What is feature engineering and how to generate feature set. How to load feature set in Weka. Which formats of feature set are supported by Weka. What classifiers available at weka and how to use them. How to install third party classifiers in Weka. How to visualize your pre-processed data.

Bonus: How to solve memory related issue in time of running Weka.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn basic concept of Machine learning, Data science, Feature Engineering. Also in this course you will know, how to use Weka for classification, clustering and visualization of your pre-processed data. In this video I will show hands on feature extraction from raw data using Python. Also show pre-processed model evaluation using Weka. Finally will show a solution to memory related issue at Weka.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Section 1: All about Weka

1. Introduction1:01
2. Feature set generation12:23
3. Machine Learning Classifiers, Clustering, Data Visualization13:44
4. Solution of memory problem3:33

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Jerad Hill

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  • Basic concept of Machine Learning

Target Audience

  • Beginner Python, Machine Learning & Data Science Students