Skills for 2020 Success



This course discusses the main 10 skills as short-listed by the Economic Forum to be the most needed skills for success in 2020. Many materials, online as well as off-line is available in concern with these skills but none addresses the skills in relation to day-to-day living.

Available content is either too brief to be understood, or it is too elaborate and technical to adapt. This course provides you with practical and easy summarized material for understanding the values of the skills. Not only this, it also summarizes short steps towards inculcating them easily.

Not only this, to help you further, this course includes, Visualizations and guided activities that will help you clear your outcome and repeatedly check the status of your mindset towards your goals and your success.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to 10 Skills listed for 2020 by The World Economic Forum.
  • Have a practical approach for applying these skills
  • Understand the importance of these skills in da-to-day and professional life
  • Get clear idea of Interdependence of these skills
  • Set High Standards to make Way for Successful 2020

Topics for this course

21 Lessons3h

Section 1: Introduction to Skills for 2020

1. Introduction to Section 15:04
2. Introduction2:28
3. Why Skill set Up-gradation1:51
4. Welcome3:18

Section 2: Basic Skill Set for 2020 Success

Section 3: Visualizations and Further supporting lectures

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Hogan Chua

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  • As in learning of any new skill, have a Strong "WHY?" for developing your skill set to successfully and effectively absorb the contents of this course. Also have indomitable will to further research and read in topic wherever required.

Target Audience

  • Corporate workers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurship students, business students, Salespersons, Sales and service affiliates, aspiring youth MBA's and job seekers