React basic in just 1 hour


This short course will cover basic and core concepts that you need to know to get up and running with ReactJS.

React JS is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It’s flexible, fast, easy to learn and fun to work with. ReactJS is designed to make the process of building modular, reusable user interface components simple and intuitive. React was developed at Facebook and focuses on the ‘View’ aspect of MVC in web applications. React was built for the purpose of developing applications that are large in nature and have to deal with time changing data.

Also in this course, it will get you up to speed quickly with easy to follow short videos. It is project-oriented with hands-on examples, from simple to complex, that will help you with the most fundamentals concepts of React:

  • React custom syntax and the JSX transform
  • components, properties and state
  • The power of the virtual DOM

What Will I Learn?

  • Taste of how to build your very first React component.
  • How to handle event in components.
  • Understand two key concepts of React: State and Props.
  • How to reuse and nest components.
  • How to transfer data between Parent, Child components.
  • How to work with Array, Form

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Section 1: Quick Intro React

2. About Me1:33
3. What is React?0:50
4. Why React2:00
5. JSX0:57

Section 2: Getting Started

Section 3: Data Flow between Components

Section 4: Refactor Product List

About the instructors

David Bombal

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Course Details


  • Nothing as you will be working on a online code editor so it's super convenient.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who want to learn React without much knowledge of HTML or CSS.