Indomitable Exam Success



Indomitable Exam Success is a course for any student that is either preparing  for school exams, board exams, College exams, competitive exams or national exams. It shares with you 3 fail proof ideas which can give you complete exam success. Daily and diligent practice of these bsic exercises will definately near your distance with exam success.

What Will I Learn?

  • Accurate Tips for Exam Preparations and Success.
  • Study time management
  • Exam success & Confidence Visualizations
  • Read with brain power
  • Memorization tip & Quick revision technique

Topics for this course

9 Lessons1h 4m

Section 1: Introduction

9. Visualization Technique 2 for Winner’s attitude4:50
1. Introduction3:02
2. Common Causes for failure3:02
3. EXAM STRESS!! Understand and Handle (NEW LECTURE)12:20
4. Techique 1 for Exam Success9:15
5. Technique 2 for Exam Fluent Writing6:58
6. Technique 3 Anchoring9:51
7. Reading Styles and their effective usage9:39
8. Visualization Technique 1 for Confidence developement5:35

About the instructors

Hogan Chua

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Course Details

  • Level: Beginner
  • Total Hour: 1h 4m
  • Total Lessons: 9
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  • Only burning willingness to pass the examination and excel.

Target Audience

  • School, College students, competitive exam students and government exam students.