English Grammar tenses & structures



It is a well-crafted course. It teaches you how to build English grammar sentences which are perfect in both structures and tenses. It takes you to step by step to be able to differentiate among subject, verb, and object. It enables you to transform any English sentence from active to passive and vice versa. We provide you with daily quizzes that come with model answers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn subject, verb, and how to agree between them.
  • Build complete and perfect sentences in the English language.
  • Learn the different kind of tenses in the English grammar language.
  • How to write English sentences in both active and passive voice.
  • Learn the different cases of ( If clauses ).
  • Modal verbs and how to use them.
  • Continuous assignments & quizzes with answers.
  • Download separate audio files.

Topics for this course

23 Lessons

Section 1: (Introductory Tenses)

Assignment 1: Future Forms
Assignment 2: Future Forms, Part 2
Assignment 3: Future Forms, Part 3
1. Introduction1:27
2. Future Time (Part 1)2:16
3. Future Time (Part 2)2:57
4. Present Simple Tense (Forms)2:48
5. Present Simple Tense (Uses)3:01
6. Present Simple Tense (Advanced notes)1:39
7. Present Perfect Simple Tense (Uses)1:19
8. Present Perfect Simple Tense (Forms)2:53
9. Present Perfect Simple Tense (Advanced notes)1:19
Quiz 1: Future Time
Quiz 2: Present Simple Tense
Quiz 3: Future Forms

Section 2: Subject & Verb agreement

Section 3: Past tenses

Section 4: Conditional Sentences & Modal Verbs

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Morné Vorster

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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Total Lessons: 23
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  • Just know the basics and we will take you step by step.

Target Audience

  • Intermediate & high schools students in addition to anyone who is interested in English grammar.
  • Beginners who are interested in English grammar.